New Year, 2012

Hi yall, 

'11 helped, but we're all glad to have made it to '12. 

Want to thank the Milestone for having us on New Year’s Eve. We spent the first minutes of the year playing new songs for fun people who figure out that you can dance to us! Doesn’t get more gratifying.  

Right around the same time Shuffle Magazine was nice enough to feature a story about us on their website. See it here

A quick addendum: The piece leads to some confusion over who is singing for this band. Chris, Jake & Jason all end up singing, especially live. At times there’s a lead vocal too. You may have to see us play to figure it out! 

That said our next shows in NC are:

Saturday January 21st @ The Milestone with 25 Minutes to Go and Andy the Doorbum, it’s the annual Ninja Party and no one is joking about that, so suit up.

Friday February 10th @ Snug Harbor with Late BloomerOld Flings and No Power (one of my favorite new band names, though I believe they are so punk that there will be no website).  

Friday, February 17th @ Tremont Music Hall with All Get Out and more…

Also: An encouraging review of our June ‘11 release, Keep Moving in Self Aware Zine no. 9! Thanks Josh!

Lastly, check out Self Aware Records' freshly polished website for info about lots of good music - and maybe a clue in to what will be happening with the songs we are recording now…

For more info about us or our other projects please visit Powerstance.

New year, new jams, new consciousness. 

o o o